Other Workplace Harassment

Bullying isn't limited to the childhood playground. Harassment in the adult workplace is all too common. If you were targeted for harassment as a member of a protected class, you may be entitled to compensation for the financial and emotional impact.

The lawyers of California Employment Counsel, APC, represent victims of workplace harassment. We hold employers in Orange County and Southern California accountable for creating a hostile work environment or failing to protect employees from co-worker harassment.

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Harassment And Bullying At Work

Under California's employment discrimination statutes, it is illegal to harass a person on the basis of their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, sexual identity, genetic information or other protected status.

Workplace harassment can take many forms such as:

  • Bodily assault (kicking, shoving, spitting)
  • Physical bullying and intimidation
  • Slurs, name-calling or profanity
  • Taunting, ridicule and insults
  • Offensive jokes or cartoons
  • Degrading or dangerous pranks
  • Defacing or destroying personal property
  • Psychological "mind games"
  • Interference with the employee's job duties

The behavior may be committed by an individual, a group of co-workers or a supervisor. The conduct must be severe and pervasive — a pattern of intentional acts singling out one victim or members of a protected class — and intended to humiliate or intimidate the person, perhaps to make him or her quit.

To win damages, we must demonstrate a hostile work environment that became a condition of continued employment. In other words, the employer knew or should have known about the harassment and failed to take corrective action.

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