Sexual Harassment: Inappropriate Comments At Work

There's almost nothing more shocking than hearing inappropriate sexual comments from a co-worker or your manager. Perhaps you ignore it the first or second time, but the person persists despite your obvious discomfort or your complaints.

It can become difficult to concentrate on your job or even want to come to work when you are experiencing sexual harassment. You may be tempted to quit. You may have quit already. By this point, you know you may need an attorney.

Get The Legal Advice You Need

If someone at work has been making inappropriate comments that are affecting you, get legal advice. It may be appropriate to bring a sexual harassment claim if your boss, manager, colleague, contractor or vendor:

  • Propositions you for sex
  • Offers a promotion, a raise or preferential treatment in exchange for sex
  • Repeatedly makes inappropriate statements about your body or appearance
  • Engages in unwanted talk about your sex life or his or her sexual behavior or interests
  • Makes inappropriate comments via text message, email, social media or other electronic means
  • Intimidates you or creates a hostile work environment
  • Protected a harasser, ignored your complaints or retaliated against you for reporting inappropriate behavior
  • Engages in stalking, staring or leering

Sexual harassment can be difficult to discern, especially when it does not involve physical touching. At California Employment Counsel, APC, our attorneys understand the frustration, anxiety and depression that can accompany mistreatment at work.

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