Wrongful Termination

In California, employers can lawfully fire their employees for many reasons, many of which don't seem fair. However, employers cannot fire employees based on certain protected characteristics, including age, gender, pregnancy, race, religion and disability, and for exercising their right to take protected leave. Such a firing constitutes a wrongful termination.

Furthermore, employers cannot terminate an employee because the employee reported discrimination, harassment or other unlawful employment practices. This also amounts to wrongful termination.

If you have lost your job and you believe it may have been a wrongful termination, the lawyers at California Employment Counsel, APC, are here to help you explore your legal options. Our Orange County wrongful termination lawyers have extensive experience handling employment law cases for clients throughout Southern California.

How We Can Help

You have lost your job and are pondering your next move. What are your options? Every case is unique, but in many cases we are able to pursue damages for our wrongfully terminated clients. Damages may include past lost wages, future lost wages and emotional distress.

Our attorneys are seasoned courtroom advocates who know how to operate from a position of strength. We seek favorable settlements out of court when possible, but are always prepared to represent our clients in court when necessary.

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