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July 2015 Archives

Minor league baseball players sue MLB for wage violations

A group of former minor league baseball players filed a class action lawsuit in California against 22 Major League Baseball franchises. The plaintiffs allege that they were paid less than minimum wage, denied overtime compensation and required to train without pay during the off-season. After denying the defendants' motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them, a federal district court judge decided on July 13 that the case could proceed to the class certification stage.

Wal-Mart discrimination case can continue

California residents who work for Wal-Mart may be interested to learn that a class action lawsuit originally rejected in 2011 gained new life in 2015. The case, which was previously denied status as a nationwide class action lawsuit by the U.S. Supreme Court, eventually manifested as a number of smaller regional lawsuits.

Vote on $15 minimum wage delayed

On June 23, lawmakers in California decided to postpone a vote to increase the minimum wage in Los Angeles County from $9 to $15 per hour. The Board of Supervisors will now vote on the ordinance on July 21 after its members have had time to assess the impact that the minimum wage hike could have on small businesses.

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