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January 2016 Archives

Why men do not file for sexual harassment as often as women

If you think that just because you are a male that this means sexual harassment hasn't happened to you, you would be surprised. There is still a social stigma in the workplace that men "can't" get sexually harassed. This is absolutely false. Men are just as vulnerable to sexual harassment in the workplace as women, if not more. This is because men are less likely to even be looking for signs sexual harassment as the social stigma continues. The gender roles in America while changing are still very much the same in many ways.

Did you quit your job or was it actually wrongful termination?

Some employees end up quitting their job after it just became so intolerable that they would rather be temporarily unemployed than continue working under such conditions. This can be due to illegal tactics used by the employer to get the employee to quit rather than terminating their employment. However, this is also considered wrongful termination.

Sexual harassment and the potential for employer retaliation

After reading about sexual harassment and learning more about what the legal definitions and requirements are for sexual harassment, you have come to realize that you are victim of it. You are already feeling nervous and scared at the idea of bringing this up at work. What if they decide to treat you differently at work once you bring forth a complaint? Will you be demoted? Can they even fire you for accusing your boss of sexual harassment?

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