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Sexual harassment and the potential for employer retaliation

After reading about sexual harassment and learning more about what the legal definitions and requirements are for sexual harassment, you have come to realize that you are victim of it. You are already feeling nervous and scared at the idea of bringing this up at work. What if they decide to treat you differently at work once you bring forth a complaint? Will you be demoted? Can they even fire you for accusing your boss of sexual harassment?

The answer is no. Your employer cannot engage in any form of "retaliation" against you because of your sexual harassment claim. This is illegal and is sometimes in the form of wrongful termination.

Remember that retaliation is not always in the most obvious of actions. At first your employer may be doing all of the right things. Taking your accusations very seriously, meeting with their human resources department and taking measures to keep your encounters with your harasser at a minimum. Just because your employer is taking immediate steps does not mean they will follow through.

Other forms of retaliation for a sexual harassment claim can include an unfavorable reassignment, demotion, poor performance review and even further harassment by other employees. You do not have to be alone on this. Arm yourself with an experienced employee rights attorney immediately.

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