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Why men do not file for sexual harassment as often as women

If you think that just because you are a male that this means sexual harassment hasn't happened to you, you would be surprised. There is still a social stigma in the workplace that men "can't" get sexually harassed. This is absolutely false. Men are just as vulnerable to sexual harassment in the workplace as women, if not more. This is because men are less likely to even be looking for signs sexual harassment as the social stigma continues. The gender roles in America while changing are still very much the same in many ways.

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

According to EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), men do not file for sexual harassment nearly as often as women. The statistics show the following as far as percentage of men vs. women filing for sexual harassment (combined EEOC and FEPA):

  • 2008: 15.9% men, 84.1% women
  • 2009: 16.0% men, 84.0% women
  • 2010: 16.4% men, 83.6% women
  • 2011: 16.3% men, 83.7% women

There is a clear disparity between how often each sex files for sexual harassment. So what is causing yet another gender gap? Some psychologists say it's not that men do not recognize sexual harassment but that they are not sure what to do when confronted with it.

Many times men will ignore the harassment and try to brush it off. This only encourages the harasser as the behavior is then seen as "okay" and can even escalate. Others will simply have no reaction and the negative feelings and emotional damage remains bottled up inside.

Just because you are male does not mean you should ignore the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace. If you are not comfortable speaking with your employer or human resources office then seek the help of a dedicated and compassionate employee law attorney.

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