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September 2016 Archives

Seeking Legal Help for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

No one goes to work expecting that someone is going to sexually harass them, but it happens. And it happens even though it's been over 50 years since Title VII was enacted as part of Civil Rights legislation. The issue stems from the harasser feeling that they are above the law and that no one is ever going to have the guts to sue them in civil court over their unwanted behavior. The reality is, many people take their harassers to court every year in order to seek relief and justice to remedy the insults they had to deal with. In fact, a major media executive was fired because he engaged in sexual harassment, then tried to cover it up with gifts and threats. Here's what to do if you're considering filing a sexual harassment suit.

Workers of Bay Area Restaurant Chain Sue Over Wage Violations

Three individuals who are current or former employees of the Burma Superstar Bay Area restaurant chain filed a lawsuit on September 8. The lawsuit -- filed in the Alameda County Superior Court -- alleges that the restaurant chain engaged in unfair practices, including not paying workers minimum wage as well as regularly not permitting breaks, overtime pay and sick leave. The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of approximately 100 kitchen workers. The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status. They are hoping to recover back wages, along with attorney fees and other penalties.

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