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Seeking Legal Help for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

No one goes to work expecting that someone is going to sexually harass them, but it happens. And it happens even though it's been over 50 years since Title VII was enacted as part of Civil Rights legislation. The issue stems from the harasser feeling that they are above the law and that no one is ever going to have the guts to sue them in civil court over their unwanted behavior. The reality is, many people take their harassers to court every year in order to seek relief and justice to remedy the insults they had to deal with. In fact, a major media executive was fired because he engaged in sexual harassment, then tried to cover it up with gifts and threats. Here's what to do if you're considering filing a sexual harassment suit.

Seek Legal Counsel

Have you done everything your employee handbook says to stop the unwanted attention? That is, have you talked to your immediate superior, gone to human resources, and used all possible avenues to no avail? Employers have a duty to uphold employment laws on behalf of their employees, but it's not unusual for HR and superiors to "sweep it under the rug" because they don't want to deal with it. It's unfortunate that this happens, but it does, and with regularity. When none of your actions resulted in relief, take the time to consult a California lawyer who can provide legal counsel as to what your options consist of.

What Happens After Talking to an Attorney

A California attorney needs to hear what has happened to you before moving forward to take action. Sexual harassment isn't always a clear-cut issue and it's important to get all of the facts together in order to determine if there's a case or not. If there is enough evidence that harassment is occurring, then the attorney may have you take certain measures at work so as not to alert your harasser.

Documentation in a sexual harassment lawsuit is very important. The more information you can show that you've done what you could to take action makes it easier to move forward with a case. Always keep in mind that there are never any guarantees when it comes to taking someone into civil court for a violation of your rights. It's a complex process that requires patience and fortitude on your part, and trusting your lawyer to work hard for you in search of justice.


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