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November 2016 Archives

New Sexual Harassment at Work Law- What You Need to Know

With the recent presidential election, sexual harassment has again come to the forefront in the public's mind. There is never an excuse for sexual harassment, but employers and employees now know exactly what constitutes such conduct in the workplace. On April 1, a new law went into effect requiring California employers to disseminate information regarding Department of Fair Employment and Housing's DFEH-185 Brochure on Sexual Harassment. What's more, any new hires receive the information immediately. This legislation expands the state's already required discrimination and harassment training. Previously, some employers believed electronic training was sufficient for getting the message about sexual harassment across. That is no longer the case - some in-person training is mandatory. The training uses concrete examples to get the point across. Record keeping is more stringent, with employers required to keep documentation of all training materials for a minimum of two years.

The Law that a PBS Documentary Inspired: Sexual Harassment in the Janitorial Field

An investigative documentary aired by PBS last year brought attention to the plight of many female janitors who work the night shift. This award-winning film was a catalyst for change, and inspired California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez to do something about this terrible problem. That something was Assembly Bill 1978, a new California Labor Law.

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