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Actions you can take to report sexual harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is all too common in the workplace and can occur between any two employees within the company. While many believe harassment falls only between supervisors and employees, the problem can occur between any two individuals employed by the same business. Harassment can occur in many different ways, and any advance or action that makes you uncomfortable can be reported as harassment. While many feel embarrassed or anxious about their jobs when reporting harassment, they are encouraged to report incidents appropriately and quickly.

Educate your employees about sexual harassment

California law requires employers with 50 or more employees or contractors to provide sexual harassment training to supervisory employees who work inside the state. New hires must receive the training within six months of starting their new jobs and every two years thereafter. However, smaller businesses should also have sexual harassment policies in place, and employees should be taught how to recognize and react to the many faces of this problem.

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