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July 2017 Archives

Law, Liability And Lewd Comments

It is not always easy to find a job, and once you do find a job, there is no guarantee that you are going to have a job that you necessarily like. Whether because of the required hours, the tasks at hand or the general environment, not liking your job is an American privilege. It is ultimately up to you whether you choose to continue working or to head off and find something new or better. You have that right, you have that choice.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment In California

Employees in California are protected against sexual harassment in the workplace by the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Federal law also protects people against sexual harassment in the workplace. It is important that people recognize different types of sexual harassment, as it is important to report incidents in a timely manner. Inappropriate touching and comments are the types of harassment that easily come to mind, but it is also sexual harassment for a supervisor or other authority figure at work to offer something in exchange for some type of sexual act. Examples may include a job offer, promotion, or raise in exchange for sex. If you did not receive a job, promotion, or raise because you refused to engage in the quid pro quo offer, you may have a case for sexual harassment.

Municipal employees aren't immune from sexual harassment

Almost every kid looks up to the heroes of the fire department and police, but these men are not perfect. The city of San Francisco recently settled a case of sexual harassment charges against a commander in the fire department who was demoted before resigning his position.

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