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Sexual Harassment Doesn't Belong At Work

Sexual harassment deserves no tolerance in the workplace, yet unfortunately it is something that is experienced far more than we as a culture are often willing to talk about. Recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein have brought the topic of sexual harassment into the open. The #MeToo campaign that dominated social media for much of the early half of October 2017 have directed even more conversation towards this concern, and there are many men and women alike who are left to wonder to what extent they ought to pursue allegations against their own harassers.

Sexual harassment can look a lot of different ways. It is not always violent, and it most certainly does not always lead to assault. There are even plenty instances of sexual harassment that are well-intentioned, but that does not take-away from the fact that the attentions are unwarranted and entirely inappropriate--especially in the workplace.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Men and women alike can be the victims of sexual harassment, and regardless of who the harasser is the situation is always made uncomfortable by the unwanted attentions. Whether the harassment is physical, verbal, or merely suggested it is something that is necessary to address.

If you are being harassed, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Don't quit! Do not let harassment scare you out of your place of employment.
  2. Write everything down! Keep a log of all issues and make special notes of times, places, and particular comments or actions.
  3. Investigate your corporation's policy. Every company has a sexual harassment policy on file. It is important to know your rights in your workplace.

The first step whenever an issue of sexual harassment develops in the workplace is to contact your supervisor and to direct the issue to Human Resources. The problem that develops with this line of action is that frequently employees experience sexual harassment from their supervisor, which makes reporting the issue uncomfortable and difficult.

Hiring representation to represent you in the case of sexual harassment can help you ensure that the entire process is handled professionally. A defense attorney will work with you to communicate with your employer, helping you to work above any direct supervisors who may not have taken your claims seriously.

There is no tolerable level of sexual harassment that should be put up with in the workplace. If you are dealing with any regular unwanted attentions, or if any level of sexual harassment is causing you to feel discomfort in the workplace, making it difficult to do your job or impossible for you to advance in your career, then it is time to contact us to discuss your representation.

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