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A new phone app that will let you report sexual harassment

A new app that is in the early stages of testing will allow victims of sexual harassment to report workplace abuse from any location or industry across the nation. The “We Said Enough” campaign is working to fund the app that is said to arrive in Android and Apple stores in late February.

How the app compares

Several other apps have developed in the wake of sexual harassment outcries across big industries in California. From Hollywood stars to political figures, sexual harassment does not discriminate. While the ease and accessibility make smartphone apps useful, they are not without problems. Some apps disclose the identity of the reported abuser to all users. Other apps give the option to make anonymous claims; this can leave room for false reporting.

The app layout

Designers behind the “We Said Enough” app constructed it keeping defamation laws at the forefront of their minds. An accused abuser's identity cannot be shared with other users. However, there is a mechanism in place that could trigger disclosure of the identity of an alleged abuser to their employer if their names appear frequently enough.

With a design similar to the Netflix interface, the app enables victims and witnesses to:

  • Create a confidential profile
  • Timestamp complaints
  • Attach photos, videos and voice recordings
  • Search for local abuse services

Once finished, a user will be given the option to keep the report confidential, print a copy or email it, in hopes it will be shared with the police or an employer’s human resource department.

Ultimately, the designers behind this app want the use of technology to make it easier and safer for victims to speak out.

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