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Using FMLA Leave to Care for a Sick Family Member

While many employees know they have the right to take time off of work for their own illness or pregnancy under the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), these laws also allow employees to take time away from work without such leave affecting their jobs, if they need to care for a sick family member (spouse, domestic partner, child or parent.)

Bill introduced in California asks for FML update

Not only are California state legislators taking note of equal pay but some lawmakers are taking a closer look at family medical leave. More specifically, paid family leave. Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez has already introduced a bill to the state senate that asks for more generous paid family medical leave for workers in California.

FMLA requests and employer comments

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, some of the comments that employers make about medical leave or to employees who request medical leave are appropriate, while others are not. Both California employers and employees should know the fine line between allowed and forbidden remarks.

Employee eligibility for FMLA

California employees who need to take medical leave may wonder what kind of rights they have under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. In some cases, an employer will try to deny an employee their FMLA rights or terminate the employee after the employee claims those rights. However, courts will sometimes side with the employee in these cases.

Supreme Court decision considered a win for pregnant employee rights

Roughly 36 years ago, members of the 1978 Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act which effectively prohibited employers from discriminating against an employee based upon her pregnancy status. Despite the law and the protections it affords, since 1978 there have been many pregnant women who have come forward to report being fired, harassed or otherwise disciplined by an employer.

The Family and Medical Leave Act: the basics

Most California residents work hard at their places of employment to earn a paycheck to support themselves and their families. What happens, however, if an individual is diagnosed with cancer and must begin treatment or a family decides to take in a foster child? While readily associated with pregnancy and the care of a newborn, The Family and Medical Leave Act provides employment protections to employees in various situations.

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