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Sexual Harassment Archives

Sexual Harassment in California Higher Education

California has an extensive private and public university system, with the University of California alone home to more than 200,000 students at one time and more than 190,000 faculty and staff. Recent cases of reported sexual harassment in the University of California system, along with a report issued by the system's president Janet Napolitano, highlight the pervasiveness of sexual harassment on college campuses.

Employment Contracts and Sexual Harassment

Employees who signed contracts may have found themselves in an expensive bind should they have had to sue the employer for sexual harassment if the employer was based out of state. To sue, an employee's contract may have stated that any legal action must have been taken in the jurisdiction and/or venue of the employer's base. If an employer was based on the east coast, this could cause an employee to drop a sexual harassment complaint due to the cost of traveling back and forth for litigation, and the additional risk of retaining an attorney out of state.

California Tackles Investor Relationships And Sexual Harassment

California is without a doubt the tech capital of the United States, and tech startups usually rely on investors to get off the ground. Unfortunately, there is a history of sexual harassment against women in the tech industry, sometimes involving cases in which investors were accused of harassing women in order to receive financial backing. Because California law does not specifically address the investor/entrepreneur relationship, State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced SB 224 to clarify the issue.

Understanding Third-Party Sexual Harassment

While many people are aware that they are protected against sexual harassment by coworkers, supervisors and employers, many may not realize that they also have rights when it comes to third-party sexual harassment. As with other cases, third parties are not free to touch, make explicit suggestions or engage in any other behavior that is considered harassment under the law. This is true whether the harassment takes place in the workplace or when you are representing your employer as part of your duties off-premises. Third parties might include customers, vendors, repair persons and others, and under California and federal law your employer must take steps to deal with sexual harassment committed by these parties.

Who Is Covered Under Sexual Harassment Legislation?

When you go to work, you're expecting a non-hostile environment. That is why there has been legislation put in place to protect standard employees from sexual harassment. The laws have had to be amended since the word employee has had to be defined, and more situations keep arising where individuals need to be protected against discrimination and sexual harassment. Recent laws show that current legislation is constantly being amended to accommodate everyone to the best of the laws ability, and seeking legal assistance can help you keep up to date with the laws on sexual harassment.

Unpaid Interns And Sexual Harassment: Know Your Rights

In 2009, a graduate student at Syracuse University was an unpaid intern at Phoenix Satellite Television when she filed a claim against her supervisor for sexual harassment. In her lawsuit, she accused her boss of kissing, groping and participating in other inappropriate behavior that she did not agree to. Unfortunately, at that time, the law said that, since she was not being paid, she was not an official employee and thus could not actually file a claim against her employer. This case signaled a movement around the country to fight for the rights of unpaid interns.

Same-Sex Sexual Harassment

When people think of "sexual harassment," they typically imagine a male harassing a female. However, sexual harassment does not discriminate. Men can be sexually harassed as well, and same-sex harassment does occur. The key to understanding sexual harassment is having a good concept of the definition, according to California law.

Law, Liability And Lewd Comments

It is not always easy to find a job, and once you do find a job, there is no guarantee that you are going to have a job that you necessarily like. Whether because of the required hours, the tasks at hand or the general environment, not liking your job is an American privilege. It is ultimately up to you whether you choose to continue working or to head off and find something new or better. You have that right, you have that choice.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment In California

Employees in California are protected against sexual harassment in the workplace by the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Federal law also protects people against sexual harassment in the workplace. It is important that people recognize different types of sexual harassment, as it is important to report incidents in a timely manner. Inappropriate touching and comments are the types of harassment that easily come to mind, but it is also sexual harassment for a supervisor or other authority figure at work to offer something in exchange for some type of sexual act. Examples may include a job offer, promotion, or raise in exchange for sex. If you did not receive a job, promotion, or raise because you refused to engage in the quid pro quo offer, you may have a case for sexual harassment.

Municipal employees aren't immune from sexual harassment

Almost every kid looks up to the heroes of the fire department and police, but these men are not perfect. The city of San Francisco recently settled a case of sexual harassment charges against a commander in the fire department who was demoted before resigning his position.

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