Protecting Your Rights During And After Pregnancy

Being pregnant is challenging enough on its own. You shouldn’t have to deal with illegal treatment from your employer during or after your pregnancy.

Pregnancy leave, with job protection, is provided by state and federal law. Maternity leave is protected by the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). It is illegal for your boss, manager or company to discriminate against you or retaliate against you because of your pregnancy.

Five Signs Of A Serious Problem

At California Employment Counsel, APC, based in Orange County, we are familiar with all the difficulties female employees can experience during the pregnancy and postpartum months. You should talk to an experienced employment lawyer if:

  1. You are demoted or transferred because of your pregnancy.
  2. Your boss gives you unfavorable or unfair assignments or bad shifts.
  3. Your employer gives you poor performance reviews that are inaccurate.
  4. Your employer wrongly terminates you, fires you or lays you off for taking pregnancy or maternity leave, bonding with your baby or caring for a baby with a medical condition.
  5. You are harassed or disciplined for going to medical appointments, taking restroom breaks.

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Your situation is unique. During a free, confidential consultation, one of our attorneys can discuss your case with you and present you with options for resolving the problem. Contact us to learn more about pregnancy discrimination.

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