Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Harassment

It is not always easy to define what illegal harassment actually is. There are many situations in which the line seems blurred, and therefore you do not know what to do.

The lawyers of California Employment Counsel, APC, can help you deal with this difficult situation. We have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving workplace sexual harassment. We are not afraid to take on any employer, especially employers who failed to properly manage and protect their employees.

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We can help you address tough questions like:

What counts as sexual harassment?

It depends on the situation. Essentially, if someone has treated you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, that is harassment. It can be in person or via text, overt or subtle, come from a vendor or your boss: there are many ways to harass someone.

What if my boss denies it, and it comes down to my word against his?

This is a common reason people do not report harassment: they think people will not believe them over their boss. However, knowing that you are protected by law can ease your mind. Having a lawyer on your side can help as well. Retain any evidence you have of the harassment, and do not be afraid to bring a case.

What if I’ve been fired, demoted or treated abusively for reporting the harassment? Should I still consider legal action?

There are rules in place to protect you from retaliation. It is important to make records of each instance of retaliation, because a lawyer can help you stop it and hold them accountable.

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