Hearing Inappropriate Comments At Work?

There’s almost nothing more shocking than hearing inappropriate sexual comments from a co-worker or your manager. Perhaps you ignore it the first or second time, but the person persists despite your obvious discomfort or your complaints.

It can become difficult to concentrate on your job or even want to come to work when you are experiencing sexual harassment. You may be tempted to quit, or you may have quit already. By this point, you know you may need an attorney.

California Employment Counsel, APC, is a firm focusing solely on employment law, and our lawyers can help you take the necessary steps to move forward.

Identifying What Is Not All Right To Hear At Work

Like many forms of sexual harassment, it can be difficult to articulate when a comment is inappropriate. Others, including the person making the comment, may say you are being too sensitive or that it is just a joke. However, you have the right to not hear these things at work, things like:

  • A proposition for sex
  • An offer for a promotion, raise or preferential treatment in exchange for sex
  • Unwelcome statements about your body or appearance
  • Talk about your or their sex life or sexual interests
  • Intimidating statements

These kind of comments, whether they come in person or via text message or other electronic medium, are inappropriate for anyone, whether it is your boss, manager, supervisor, colleague, contractor or vendor.

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Sexual harassment can be difficult to discern, especially when it does not involve physical touching. At California Employment Counsel, APC, our attorneys understand the frustration, anxiety and depression that can accompany mistreatment at work.

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