Improper Physical Contact At Work Is Harassment

Touching another person inappropriately is one of the most egregious violations of our privacy and autonomy. It is unacceptable behavior in any workplace. Unwelcome physical contact at work can be grounds for bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

But what will that mean for you and your job? What should you do if you are afraid to report the behavior for fear of punishment or fear that your employer will not listen to your complaints?

California Employment Counsel, APC, is a firm with extensive experience in sexual harassment lawsuits. Our team can evaluate your situation and offer advice regarding your options.

What Counts As Inappropriate Physical Contact?

It can be difficult to know when something is harassment. Most of us want to think the best of our co-workers, and you may think that someone did not mean to touch you or was just joking. However, with the rise of the #Metoo movement, we have seen how these justifications can lead to even greater issues. It is important to stop someone from hurting you.

At California Employment Counsel, APC, we provide confidential advice and guidance to employees who have been mistreated at work, particularly if that treatment involves sexual harassment. We can help you address important questions about:

  • A boss who grabbed, groped or otherwise touched your body
  • A co-worker who behaved inappropriately in an office or other work setting
  • What evidence you will need as proof
  • What it will take to move your claim forward
  • What will happen if you win your case
  • Being retaliated against for complaining about harassment
  • A manager who fired or demoted you for reporting the harassment
  • Nonphysical forms of sexual harassment such as verbal harassment and texting

Sexual harassment can cause you misery. Our sexual harassment lawyers can help you stop it and hold the offender accountable.

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Even if you are not sure someone’s inappropriate behavior qualifies as sexual harassment, talk to an employment law attorney about your concerns. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation about your case. You can also reach us by calling our Costa Mesa office at (714) 462-8376. We are based in Orange County, and we handle sexual harassment cases throughout the state of California.

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