How California Law Protects Whistleblowers

You should never be punished for speaking up when something is wrong. However, many employers do not agree. They retaliate against whistleblowers by firing them, refusing to promote them and more.

Thankfully, the state of California has extensive whistleblower protections, and they cover those who report violations of local laws and regulations. The new statute also protects employees who report wrongdoing internally, whether or not they file a formal complaint with a government agency.

However, you still need an experienced attorney to help you. California Employment Counsel, APC, is a firm dedicated to employment law, and our team can answer your questions and help you pursue justice.

How The Law Protects You

Under California whistleblower law, an employer or someone acting on their behalf cannot:

  • Punish you for internally reporting suspected violations
  • Prevent you from disclosing information to law enforcement or a government agency such as the IRS or OSHA
  • Retaliate against you for reporting suspected violations of federal, state or local laws and regulations
  • Retaliate against you for refusing to participate in an illegal activity

The old law required workers to register a complaint with an outside investigating agency. Under the new law, you are protected as a whistleblower when you inform your supervisor that you oppose a practice, or when you report suspected violations to someone within the company who has supervisory or investigative authority. This protects you sooner and gives your employer less chance to retaliate.

It is important to note that you do not have to prove that the triggering activity was illegal. If you believed that it violated a law or regulation, the law protects you.

Did You Experience Whistleblower Retaliation?

Whistleblowing requires a leap of faith. If you stood behind your convictions, the lawyers at California Employment Counsel, APC, will stand behind you.

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