Military men that are sexually harassed get less treatment

On behalf of California Employment Counsel, APC on Friday, February 22, 2019. Few jobs can match the military when it comes to the amount of PTSD claims made per year. These brave men and women do a lot for our country and often witness horrific sites that no one should have to see in person. However, not all of this trauma happens on the battlefield. While soldiers and veterans are often seen as tough and strong individuals, they are still vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault that continues to plague multiple industries to this very day. They label these tragic

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Unwanted advances can create a hostile work environment

On behalf of California Employment Counsel, APC on Friday, October 4, 2019. It is flattering when someone finds you attractive. Like many people, you may like to hear a coworker compliment you on your clothing, your smile or some recent change you have made in your appearance. However, there is a line that your coworkers should not cross. When someone at work finds you attractive, he or she may ask you out on a date. It may seem innocent enough, but when does it become sexual harassment? Some businesses are setting guidelines for office dating. If your workplace does not

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