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At California Employment Counsel, APC, our employment law practice is focused entirely on representing the rights and interests of employees. Unlike other firms in California that may play both sides of the issue, we stand firm in only advocating for employees. We believe in utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge of both state and federal laws to help protect our employee clients and get them the justice that they deserve.

Sexual Harassment

Regardless of gender, no one should ever have to endure any form of harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace. Many times an employee may feel he or she cannot rebuff an unwanted advance or even report sexual harassment for fear of retaliation. However, this is wrong and employers should take any allegation of sexual harassment very seriously.

Our experienced lawyers can help with all types of sexual harassment issues, including:

First steps to take after being sexually harassed
The merits of your potential sexual harassment case
Text messages and sexual harassment
Types of sexual harassment both physical and emotional
Harassment by a superior or manager
Illegal retaliation after a sexual harassment claim

Whether you feel harassed at work or are afraid to go to work every day because of a hostile work environment, we can help you with any type of harassment claim involving the workplace.


Both federal and state laws in California prohibit discrimination in the workplace. This area of the law is vast as there are many types of discrimination. From age, gender, disability, pregnancy and sexual orientation to race, ethnicity, religion and national origin, these are just some of the types of discrimination an employee may have been victim of at work.

Medical Leave

Even though California has some of the strongest employee rights laws in the nation, some employers still end up violating them. This can occur when an employee requests medical leave, whether under the FMLA (“Family and Medical Leave Act”) or the CFRA (“California Family Rights Act”) and is unfairly denied or face illegal relation. Let our attorneys help you with a medical leave-related case to protect your rights.

Wage And Overtime Violations

Our team of skilled employee rights attorneys has extensive experience with wage, overtime and other pay-related laws and regulations. Do not be afraid to hold your employer accountable for violating wage and overtime laws. It is your right to be paid fairly and in compliance with state and federal laws.

Wrongful Termination

In many situations, an employer can fire an employee for any reason. This is known as at-will employment. However, when an employee is fired for an illegal reason, this is an entirely different situation. Find out whether your termination was lawful and what our team can do to help you.

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