Gender harassment replaces sexual harassment in many jobs

On behalf of California Employment Counsel, APC on Wednesday, August 7, 2019. In the recent years since the #MeToo movement, many workplaces have taken important steps to identify and eliminate sexual harassment. This includes clarifying the behaviors that define sexual harassment and taking a strong stand of zero tolerance against those who mistreat co-workers in this manner. In some cases, it may have meant a radical change in the culture of a specific workplace. As a result, reports of sexual harassment dropped nearly 40%. Unfortunately, the complete picture is not so rosy. In fact, if you are still suffering under

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Identifying Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

California is governed by three sets of laws that prohibit workplace sexual harassment, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Fair Employment and Housing Act (called “FEHA”) and the California Constitution. These laws make workplace sexual harassment in California illegal under federal law and state law. In addition, sexual harassment is also prohibited under the policies of most employers. You have the right to a work environment free from sexual assault, hostility, and harassment. Understanding what constitutes sexual harassment can be challenging. While sexual harassment is officially defined as any conduct that creates a hostile, offensive

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