Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Negatively Impact Workers in California

Arbitration is a private process in which two or more parties settle an agreement outside of the courtroom with an arbitrator instead of a judge. This is a more discreet way of settling a dispute than going to court and is often preferred by companies and corporations for confidentiality reasons. In a private setting like an arbitration meeting, companies do not have to worry that their trade secrets or other private information will be accessible to anyone outside of the arbitration agreement. An arbitration process can resemble a trial in that both parties make opening and closing statements and present

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Were You Wrongfully Terminated Under Cover of COVID?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped nearly every aspect of the social and economic landscape here in California and throughout America. Thousands of workers have been laid off or let go due to shut-downs, lack of business, and loss of revenue. While many employers are letting people go with plans of hiring them back as soon as business picks up again, others are using COVID as a smokescreen to get rid of employees for discriminatory reasons. Even during these unprecedented times, employers are prohibited from firing people for discriminatory reasons such as pregnancy or taking necessary sick leave. If your employer

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