How Do You Prove National Origin Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination is an enormous issue, both in California and throughout the United States. Despite the establishment of federal, state, and local entities like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the California Equal Employment Rights and Resolution Office (EER&R), and Orange County equal rights groups to investigate these matters, some individuals continue to believe their biases supersede employee rights. In fact, in the most recently completed fiscal year, the federal EEOC alone investigated 72,675 allegations of workplace discrimination. Of these, over half related to retaliation, while another substantial portion resulted from race, sex, age, or national origin – or

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Does a Whistleblower Need an Attorney?

As American business continues to increase in both size and complexity, it is perhaps unsurprising that the number of individuals willing to take unfair advantage of others has increased as well. In fact, the federal government alone recovered over $62 billion in judgments for improper acts since 1986 when it strengthened the False Claim Act. As a result, it is essential that fair-minded individuals feel empowered to come forward to expose these wrongdoings, thus enabling the business, its stakeholders, and its clients to seek justice for fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, dishonest individuals often take drastic measures in an attempt to ensure

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