What Happens If An Employee Works Unauthorized Overtime?

Being an employer is challenging. There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow and strict consequences if you fail to do so. It can feel extremely confusing to traverse the strict laws surrounding employment. One area that is especially strict and leaves no room for error is overtime pay. Overtime is a facet of wage law, and violations in this arena can mean wage theft claims and potential legal action. Of course, as an employer, you would like to avoid such a situation and ensure that you are paying your employees correctly. However, employees can be hard

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Can You Sue For Not Getting Paid Overtime?

When you clock into work, you are entering an agreement with your employer that your labor will be exchanged for money. No matter your field, the rigor of your job, or the type of workplace, this is the essence of employment. Usually, this exchange is fairly standard, and both parties honor their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, in some cases, one side does not uphold their end of this agreement, and legal action needs to be taken. One such occurrence is an employer’s failure to pay overtime wages. There are strict laws about how many hours you can work, and

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