How Do You Document Unfair Treatment at Work?

It’s an unfortunate reality that every year in the United States, thousands of people experience unfair treatment, discrimination, and harassment in their workplaces. Unfortunately, these individuals are put in the situation of feeling isolated and targeted in their workplaces due to their protected classes and face the additional challenge of uncertainty when it comes to securing the evidence they need to prove the extent of the mistreatment they’ve experienced. Proving unfair treatment in the workplace is often complex, and direct evidence may not be readily available. When an employer knowingly treats some employees differently than others due to their

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Is It Hard to Prove Discrimination at Work?

Workplace discrimination is an unfortunate reality across the United States. Every year, thousands of people in California and every other state experience various forms of workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware of the legal protections to address discrimination when it occurs. Worse still, many people who experience workplace discrimination do not know how to prove when these incidents happen, as the physical evidence that might be used to substantiate a claim of workplace discrimination may be difficult to identify. If you’re wondering if it is hard to prove discrimination at work, the answer is, unfortunately, yes; many people

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