What Happens If You Start a New Job and Find Out You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy comes with many changes and requires some recovery and adjustment time, which will impact your job. If you’ve worked at your company for over one year and you work somewhere with more than 50 employees, the federal Family Medical Leave Act will likely allow you to take up to 12 weeks of leave after having a baby. This is great for those who are established in their positions – but what happens if you find out you’re pregnant after starting a new job? Pregnancy Discrimination Act In 1978, an amendment was made to the Civil Rights Act that

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Can You Terminate a Pregnant Employee?

Pregnant women have laws that protect them from being terminated from their job simply based on being pregnant or having given birth. Being pregnant, however, does not make you immune to termination for other reasons. Employers can terminate pregnant employees if they violate the terms of their contract, demonstrate poor work performance, break policies, etc. So, while it is illegal to fire someone for being pregnant, pregnancy does not guarantee that you won’t lose your job for another reason. Pregnancy Discrimination Act An amendment made to the Civil Rights Act in 1978 grants pregnant women the right to work.

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