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May 2015 Archives

Were you wrongfully terminated?

Any time an employee is let go or fired from a job, he or she is likely to feel wronged in some way. There are many legitimate reasons why an employer may terminate an employee's employment with a company including violations of one's employment contract or terms and poor job performance. In these types of cases, an employee has no legal grounds to take action against an employer. However, in cases where an employee believes that he or she was fired because of an employer's discriminatory practices, it's wise to explore one's legal options.

Walmart accused of misclassifying employees and wage theft

There's a saying referencing the idea of securing an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. U.S. employment and labor laws exist to ensure workers receive a minimum amount of pay and to protect workers from wage theft. Unfortunately, there are some employers who discover ways to avoid complying with wage and hour laws and who seek to cheat employees out of their hard-earned wages.

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