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February 2017 Archives

Sexual harassment is common in restaurant and fast food industry

The ability to multi-task, meet the needs of customers and do it all with a happy face is a common need in the restaurant and fast food industry. Waiters and servers are often the most influential ones the customer will see when they visit, meaning you may be the deciding factor in if they come back. To be successful at your job, you must have confidence, take initiative and be comfortable in your workplace. Unfortunately, in the fast food and restaurant industry, sexual harassment is a common problem, leaving workers in uncomfortable and even threatening situations when they need to keep their jobs.

Lesser-known facts about sexual harassment

When thinking of sexual harassment, most people think of a male boss persuading a female to do sexual things she does not want to do to protect her job. While this does happen in the workplace, it is also not the only way that sexual harassment occurs. Many victims of sexual harassment never report their concerns or the violations made by another because they are not sure that it qualifies as sexual harassment, or they do not want to deal with the repercussions. To make the workplace safer for everyone, sexual harassment should always be addressed and dealt with.

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