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October 2017 Archives

Sexual Harassment in California Higher Education

California has an extensive private and public university system, with the University of California alone home to more than 200,000 students at one time and more than 190,000 faculty and staff. Recent cases of reported sexual harassment in the University of California system, along with a report issued by the system's president Janet Napolitano, highlight the pervasiveness of sexual harassment on college campuses.

Employment Contracts and Sexual Harassment

Employees who signed contracts may have found themselves in an expensive bind should they have had to sue the employer for sexual harassment if the employer was based out of state. To sue, an employee's contract may have stated that any legal action must have been taken in the jurisdiction and/or venue of the employer's base. If an employer was based on the east coast, this could cause an employee to drop a sexual harassment complaint due to the cost of traveling back and forth for litigation, and the additional risk of retaining an attorney out of state.

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