Orange County Race Discrimination Attorneys

Orange County Race Discrimination Attorneys

Racial discrimination may not be as overt as it once was, but while the bias is more subtle, the effect is still the same. People are bypassed for jobs or treated differently based on the color of their skin or racial stereotypes.

If you have faced racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace, our lawyers can help you explore your legal options. Our Orange County employment law attorneys will pursue compensation for your economic losses and personal suffering.

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Racial Discrimination In The California Workplace

Orange County Race Discrimination Attorneys

Under the federal Civil Rights Act and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person’s race or color.

In employment, race discrimination takes different forms:

  • Dismissing job candidates of a certain race
  • Derogatory racial comments by co-workers or a supervisor
  • Racial favoritism in job assignments or pay
  • Different rules or disciplinary actions
  • Being passed over for promotions or management
  • Disproportionate layoffs of workers of color

It is rare that organizations will flatly refuse to hire someone who is African-American, Asian, et cetera. A more common scenario is workforce segregation, unequal treatment or racially charged words or actions in the workplace. For example, if you complained about racially insensitive comments and nothing was done or you were denied advancement in favor of less qualified workers who were white, the employer may be liable for employment discrimination. If you are singled out for mistreatment by co-workers or a supervisor, you may have a claim for workplace harassment.

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