What Is California At-Will Employment?

The labor laws in California assume that all employees are employed at will. At-will employment means an employer can fire an employee at any time without any reason or notice. It is at their “will” to terminate any worker. However, an employee can leave at any time with or without reason if they are at-will. The reason for termination is defined by the word “cause” in labor laws. A cause is thought to be a good reason that is not regulated by any authority. Employers are not often asked to go in front of a court and prove they had

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Is It Illegal to Threaten to Fire an Employee?

When it comes to work, we all want to feel secure in our positions, and no one wants to be constantly looking over their shoulder, worried that they might get fired at any moment. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, job insecurity is a very real thing for many people. If your boss is threatening to fire you, that pressure can be enormous. While you might not be able to do anything about the overall job market, if you find yourself in a situation where your boss is threatening to fire you, you may be able to take action. In California, it

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