Workplace Bullying: Other Workplace Harassment 

Bullying isn’t limited to the playground. Similar to childhood bullying, workplace bullying can be defined as repeated and health-harming mistreatment. Conduct that is threatening, humiliating or intimidating and that interferes with your work, including verbal and physical abuse, constitutes bullying.

According to a survey from Zogby International, more than a third of employees in the United States have been bullied. A similar older survey discovered bullying is four times more present in the workplace than illegal harassment. This means, unfortunately, that bullying in the workplace is a widespread and serious problem.

Being repeatedly humiliated or screamed at by your boss, never being left alone to do your work or feeling purposely isolated from co-workers may all be examples of workplace bullying. If you feel you consistently produce quality work, but are constantly yelled at for incompetence, you may be a victim of bullying in your workplace. There are many examples of bullying in the workplace and everyone’s situation is different, but you do not have to stand by and accept it.

You can take legal action against workplace bullying when it is discriminatory against a protected minority or creates a hostile work environment. Unfortunately, not all workplace bullying instances are illegal, but if it crosses a line, you can legally pursue it with the help of an attorney.

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Do Not Tolerate The Consequences Of Workplace Bullying in Orange County

Workplace bullying can cause serious harm to victims. People can face both mental and physical problems as a result of bullying, as well as decreased productivity and quality of work. Facing workplace bullying can lead to depression and anxiety disorders, increased blood pressure, nausea and even neurological changes.

The lawyers of California Employment Counsel, APC, represent victims of workplace harassment and bullying. We can hold employers in Orange County and Southern California accountable for creating a hostile work environment or failing to protect employees from co-worker harassment.

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These are difficult claims to prove, but our attorneys are well-versed in the law and experienced in the courtroom. We invite you to discuss your situation with our workplace harassment lawyers in a free consultation.

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