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Sexual harassment does not necessarily involve sex or physical contact. Sexual harassment can be any sexualized conduct that is abusive, distracting, humiliating or offensive. You should seek help if such behavior makes it unbearable to come to work or impossible to focus on your job.

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Has Sexual Harassment Made Your California Workplace Intolerable?

We handle cases of sexual advances or quid pro quo demands, but a sexual harassment claim can also be based on a hostile work environment. You may have a claim if you were repeatedly subjected to offensive or disturbing behavior such as:

  • Pornographic images
  • Sexually explicit talk or sexual jokes
  • Wolf whistles or leering
  • Comments about your clothing or body
  • Questions about your sex life
  • Degrading comments about women
  • Unwanted gifts or stalking behavior
  • Unwelcome touching or come-ons
  • Physical intimidation

ne key to a hostile work environment sexual harassment claim is behavior that is egregious and repeated. It may be a supervisor, a co-worker or several employees joining forces. It may be verbal or visual, or in the form of texts or emails. It may be very public or it may happen when no witnesses are around.

The other key is how the employer reacts when you complain of sexual harassment. Did your employer take decisive action or ignore your concerns? Did your employer protect the harasser(s) or retaliate against you? Were you forced to quit your job because the harassment did not stop (or got worse)?

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