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Maintaining employment is an essential part of nearly every person’s life. Consistent work is important in ensuring that you can support yourself and your family. Ideally, you can find work that you enjoy and that compensates you fairly. Work should be a place where employees feel supported, encouraged, and – most importantly – safe.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For some, work becomes a place where they are ridiculed, mistreated, or punished unfairly. This treatment, if it becomes severe enough, is illegal. Employees who suffer this may be entitled to compensation. Pursuing legal action if you have been harassed, retaliated against, or mistreated at work can be difficult. The support and guidance of an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer from California Employment Counsel, APC can make it easier to face.

Los Angeles Employment Law Lawyers

Are Employment Lawyers for Employers or Employees?

Anyone who is involved with a business, whether they are an employer or an employee, is able to work with an employment lawyer. Attorneys are able to focus on certain practice areas, with some choosing to work exclusively in employment law. Business owners and employers may work with an employment lawyer to be sure that their business is structured properly and that everything is handled legally.

For many employees who need the assistance of an employment lawyer, however, the circumstances may be much harsher. Anyone who has faced harassment, discrimination, or mistreatment in the workplace may need the guidance of an accomplished employment lawyer. If you or a loved one are in need of an employment lawyer, it is important to be sure that you work with an attorney with experience in the practice area where you need assistance.

California Employment Counsel, APC works with employees to ensure that their rights are respected and they receive the justice they deserve following mistreatment in the workplace. We operate in eight specific practice areas, including sexual harassment and whistleblower cases, to meet all of our clients’ needs. Our team will guide you through the appropriate legal action if you have been wrongfully terminated, harassed in the workplace, have faced discrimination, and more.

Reasons You May Need an Employment Lawyer

Navigating the legal system can be difficult, particularly if you do not have any official training. Individuals who have been wrongfully terminated from a job, meaning that they were fired without a valid reason, may have a strong case if they have evidence. They may also be entitled to compensation, depending on how solid their case is. Receiving the justice and compensation they deserve is important, so working with an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer will ensure that their claim is filed within the proper time frame. An accomplished attorney can help ensure that your case is handled in a timely manner.

In other circumstances, employers may attempt to stop or significantly delay cases involving their employees so that they are not held liable. They may try to take advantage of various loopholes or legal methods that afford them the opportunity to withhold full compensation from employees when necessary. Working with an experienced employment lawyer can give you peace of mind and assurance that you have the support and resources you need when facing these employers.

An accomplished Los Angeles employment lawyer will work with you to ensure you are able to navigate the legal system effectively and efficiently. Regardless of the specifics of your claim, an experienced employment lawyer can support you, offer guidance, and provide relevant resources as you complete your case. The knowledge and skills of an employment attorney can be invaluable as you attempt to get justice.

Reasons to Sue an Employer in California

There are countless reasons that an employee may choose to sue their employer, but many of them fall under one large umbrella. In some way, an employer has made the work environment unsafe for an employee and violated the employee’s rights in the process. Mistreatment, discrimination, retaliation, or an unsafe work environment can all be valid reasons to pursue legal action. If you believe that you have a claim that would fall under the banner of employment law, it is important to work with an experienced employment attorney. They will be able to gauge the severity of your case and guide you through any legal claims you may make.

Common Employment Law Cases

There are many different practice areas that are included under the umbrella of employment law in California. An accomplished Los Angeles employment lawyer will have experience with a wide variety of employment law cases but will likely work in a few specific practice areas. If you have faced harassment, unfair or lost wages, discrimination, or retaliation at work, there are employment laws in place to protect you. The team at California Employment Counsel, APC offers services in many different practice areas, including:

  • Whistleblowing. Employees who report their employer or supervisor for illegal activity in the workplace are considered whistleblowers. Illegal actions could include unsafe work practices, forcing employees to work off the clock, or discrimination and harassment in the workplace.These employees are well within their rights to report any illegal activity, but in some cases, they may face retaliation. If you are a whistleblower and you lost your job, did not receive a deserved promotion, or have been harassed at work, you may be protected under California law. An experienced employment lawyer can help you navigate your case successfully.
  • Harassment. There are many different actions and treatments that could qualify as harassment. In general, workplace harassment falls into two categories: sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is an atmosphere created by mistreatment that makes effective work impossible for the victim, including harsh treatment, such as yelling or speaking degradingly, or unfairly singling out particular employees. An employer may be held liable for damages if they do not protect their employees from any type of harassment.
  • Sexual Harassment. One of the most serious types of harassment in the workplace is sexual harassment. Unwanted physical contact, inappropriate jokes or comments, and inappropriate photos may all be considered harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a coworker or supervisor requests sexual favors in exchange for better treatment.Inappropriate physical contact, like groping or unwanted hugs, could be considered sexual harassment if they keep the victim from doing their job properly. Sexual discrimination, which is any mistreatment based solely on an individual’s gender or sexual orientation, may also be prosecuted under a sexual harassment case.
  • Wrongful Termination. There are many legal reasons for an employer to fire an employee, though many of them may not seem fair to the employee. It is important to understand what constitutes a wrongful termination. In California, a person’s race, gender, age, pregnancy, disability, and religion are all considered protected characteristics, which means an employer cannot fire an employee based solely on one or more of these factors. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, an experienced employment lawyer can help you fight for justice.
  • Discrimination. If you have been unfairly treated at work because of a protected status, such as your age or your religion, then you have faced discrimination. That is a serious offense and is taken very seriously by California law. Any type of discrimination in the workplace is illegal in California and could be prosecuted on both the state and federal levels. Working with an accomplished employment lawyer will give you the guidance and resources you need to fight your discrimination case.
  • Medical Leave. Anyone could potentially face a circumstance in their life when a major medical event causes them to take time away from work. This could be surgery, pregnancy, an accident, or caring for a sick loved one. Employees are entitled to up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for medical situations, but employers may not always honor that time away.Even though the time off for Family and Medical Leave is legally protected and should provide job security, some employers will terminate or punish employees for taking the leave to which they are entitled. If you have faced this type of mistreatment, a Los Angeles employment lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve.
  • Wage and Overtime. It is important that employers compensate their employees fairly. This means that employees must be paid for all of the time that they work, including overtime. California has strict laws in place governing employee pay that have severe consequences if they are not followed. In some circumstances, employers may attempt to not pay employees their full overtime pay or make them work off the clock to avoid paying their full wages. If you believe you have been the victim of a wage or overtime violation, the team at California Employment Counsel, APC will fight to ensure you receive any back pay.
  • Retaliation. Any type of mistreatment or discrimination in the workplace is illegal under California law, and retaliation is no exception. An employee’s right to report their employers or supervisors for illegal or inappropriate actions is protected under state and federal law. Unfortunately, this does not always stop employers from retaliating against employees who make reports. Retaliation may come in the form of harassment, firing, blocked promotions, or creating a hostile work environment. An experienced employment lawyer can help protect you from retaliation and get the justice you deserve.

Employees are protected under California law, but that does not always keep employers from mistreating them. Each case that deals with employment law will be different, but it is important to have an experienced employment lawyer on your side. That support and guidance can be invaluable when pursuing legal action against an employer who discriminated against you or mistreated you.

Employee Rights in California Law

California has very robust laws in place that are intended to protect employees. There are also many protections available to employees at the federal level. It is important to know and understand your rights as an employee to ensure they are protected.

Some of the most important rights an employee has are:

  • The right to fair and correct pay
  • The right to a fair and honest hiring and firing process
  • The right to a workplace with no discrimination
  • The right to blow the whistle on illegal or inappropriate actions
  • The right to seek legal action for mistreatment

Every employee in Los Angeles, CA is entitled to a work environment that is safe, clean, welcoming, and productive. That is not always the case, however, so it is important for employees to know when their rights are being violated. If you believe that any of your rights as an employee have been violated, you can trust the experienced attorneys at California Employment Counsel, APC to help ensure that you are properly compensated.

Benefits of an Employment Lawyer

Working with a Los Angeles employment lawyer has many benefits. An accomplished employment attorney has dedicated years of their life to studying and understanding employment law. This means that they are familiar with the specific laws that protect employees in California and can guide clients through a confusing and stressful legal process. They will also likely have experience with clients in many different industries, which can help them analyze and approach new cases with ease. A Los Angeles employment lawyer can walk with you through your entire case and fight to ensure you receive what you are due.

Cost of a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

It can be difficult to estimate the costs associated with hiring a Los Angeles employment lawyer. Each client will have different needs, and every case will deal with different issues, so the cost will reflect the specifics of each case. There are many factors that will contribute to the costs of an accomplished Los Angeles employment attorney.

Some of the most common factors that impact legal costs when working with an employment lawyer are:

  • Education. Accomplished employment lawyers will be well-educated. This does not merely refer to the quality of the school they attended but rather that they are continually committed to staying up to date on the latest changes to employment law. Their education, both initial and continuing, will provide them with the knowledge and resources to be able to approach each case thoroughly. An extensive education related to employment law will make an attorney more desirable, which could raise their fees.
  • Experience. An experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer will often be more effective than a newer attorney. Years of experience working in employment law ensures that they have dealt with a variety of clients. This means that they have seen the most effective approaches to various cases and will be able to analyze your case and formulate a response. Varied experience can also be a reason for higher fees.
  • Location. The area where an attorney practices can impact their fees and charges. If they are in a large city or community, the prices may be higher to account for the price of living. An employment lawyer may also charge higher fees depending on court fees in the county where they practice. It is often best to work with an employment lawyer who is local to your area so you can be sure they are familiar with specific laws and statutes, but that may also lead to higher fees.
  • Time Required. Some cases take more time and attention than others. An experienced employment lawyer may charge higher fees for cases that require more time, attention, and resources from them. Cases that require more from an attorney may include last-minute cases, complex cases, or cases against larger opponents. Any of these factors could impact the cost of working with an employment attorney.
  • Types of Fees. One major factor that impacts the cost of working with an accomplished employment lawyer is how they charge clients. Some attorneys charge a flat fee for all clients, so you will pay a set amount regardless of the circumstances of your case. Other employment lawyers charge an hourly rate, so you will pay more if your case requires significant time and resources. An attorney who charges contingent fees will only collect a fee from clients if they win their case. The type of fees your employment lawyer charges can have a significant impact on the overall costs of their services.

There is no clear-cut way to determine how much it will cost to work with an experienced employment attorney. Many factors will impact the overall cost, including how challenging your case is. Regardless of specifics, any client can expect to spend several thousand dollars when working with an experienced employment lawyer.

Navigating workplace disputes and issues can be stressful and overwhelming. Concerns over lost wages or harm to relationships can make pursuing legal action after workplace discrimination difficult. If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination or retaliation, however, working with an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer may be in your best interest. You may find yourself in need of an employment lawyer for any number of reasons, including discrimination and harassment. An experienced, accomplished employment lawyer will fight to ensure that you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Trust the team at California Employment Counsel, APC when you are treated illegally on the job.

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