Were You Targeted After Taking Disability Or Medical Leave?

California employees have the right to take medical or disability leave. Whether it is you or a loved one who needs your care, the Family and Medical leave Act (FMLA) allows you to use 12 weeks of unpaid leave without fear of losing your job as a result; in some circumstances, you can obtain extra time beyond those 12 weeks. California law provides similar protection that employers are required to abide by.

Sometimes an employer, seeing an employee as a liability or inconvenience, will target that person for poor treatment, often to punish him or her or push him or her out of the organization in the wake of a medical or disability leave. You may need to bring a lawsuit against your employer if this has happened to you.

The Symptoms Of Retaliation

If you were targeted by your employer for taking medical or disability leave, talk to an experienced lawyer. You may have experienced one or more of the following problems when you returned to work:

  • You were fired, laid off or forced to resign from your job after returning from medical leave, pregnancy leave or maternity leave.
  • You were written up or disciplined by your manager for bogus or exaggerated performance issues.
  • You were demoted, transferred or given undesirable shifts or tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise have been given.
  • You were harassed for taking leave or blamed for burdening your co-workers.

The attorneys of California Employment Counsel, APC, understand the retaliatory tactics used by unethical employers and managers. We can protect your rights if you have been targeted and treated illegally.

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