Meal And Rest Breaks

California law requires employers to provide rest periods for employees. There must be at least a 30-minute lunch break, which can be paid or unpaid. Additionally, a 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked must be provided. If you were denied these breaks or forced to work while on break, you might be entitled to receive monetary compensation from your employer.

The lawyers at California Employment Counsel, APC, understand the frustration that workers feel if they believe they’ve been mistreated by supervisors. Fortunately, California provides numerous legal protections for employees and we can explain your rights.

Subtle And Unsubtle California Workplace Violations

Due to your relationship with your manager or the work culture that is simply accepted in your organization, your rights might be violated and you might not realize it.

  • Does your employer require you to combine your breaks?
  • Does your employer interrupt your break and require you to perform job tasks while off the clock?
  • Does your employer forbid you from leaving the premises while on break?
  • Does your employer require you to take a work phone or be otherwise available to answer work questions while on break?
  • Are you required to clock out to take restroom breaks?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, our Orange County lawyers might recommend an individual case or pursue a class action lawsuit. Meal and rest break violations are serious, and you need strong representation on your side.

Pregnancy Harassment Attorneys Costa Mesa

It is commonly understood that pregnant women might need to visit the restroom far more frequently — whether at work or at home. Unfortunately, co-workers and supervisors might make untoward statements regarding the necessity of frequent breaks. These comments can be frustrating for the employee and create an uncomfortable work environment. If you feel that you were harassed at work while pregnant, schedule a free consultation with an employment law attorney today.

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