California Whistleblower Law

The state of California has extended its whistleblower protections to violations of local laws and regulations. The new statute also protects employees who report wrongdoing internally, whether or not they file a formal complaint with a government agency.

Do you suspect your employer in Orange County or Southern California is breaking the law? Did your employer retaliate for reporting illegal activity or try to prevent you from doing so? California Employment Counsel, APC, will pursue your civil remedies if you suffered any interference or backlash for protected actions.

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Reporting Wrongdoing By Your California Employer

Our employment lawyers can enforce your rights under California Labor Code, Section 1102.5. The revised statute provides civil penalties of up to $10,000 for each violation of protected whistleblower actions.

Under the new statute, an employer or proxy for the employer:

  • Cannot punish you for internal reporting of suspected violations
  • Cannot prevent you from disclosing information to law enforcement or a government agency such as the IRS or OSHA
  • Cannot retaliate against you for whistleblowing on suspected violations of federal, state or local laws and regulations
  • Cannot retaliate against you for refusing to participate in an illegal activity

The old law required workers to register a complaint with an outside investigating agency. Under the new law, you are protected as a whistleblower when you inform your supervisor that you oppose a practice or when you report suspected violations to someone within the company who has supervisory or investigative authority.

You do not have to prove that the triggering activity was illegal. If you had a good faith belief that it violated a law or regulation, you are protected from reprisal.

Did You Experience Whistleblower Retaliation?

Were you fired, transferred, demoted, harassed or otherwise discriminated against after reporting abuses? Under the Labor Code, employers have the burden of proof to show that the adverse action wasn't retaliation and that they would have taken the same action anyway.

Despite these strong protections, whistleblowing requires a leap of faith. If you stood behind your convictions, California Employment Counsel, APC, will stand behind you.

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