When Texting Becomes Inappropriate At Work

As mobile devices gain a greater share of our personal and professional lives, texting has become commonplace. Text messages can make it easy to communicate without talking. Unfortunately, texting can be used for inappropriate purposes.

Sexual harassment can take many different forms; not all of them involve touching a person or making inappropriate comments verbally. One form of sexual harassment is the sending of inappropriate text messages or images through a smartphone or cellphone. If a co-worker or manager has persistently or repeatedly sent you troubling text messages, seek legal advice.

Do I Have A Sexual Harassment Claim?

At California Employment Counsel, APC, we can help you understand if a sexual harassment claim is in your best interest. Our attorneys can answer questions like:

  • Do text message and images have to be sexually explicit to qualify as harassing?
  • What recourse do I have if a manager or co-worker harasses me on Facebook or through other social media sites or apps?
  • My co-worker keeps texting me to ask me out, despite my objections, and won’t leave me alone. What can I do?
  • I feel uncomfortable about the messages I have been receiving, but I’m afraid of reporting it. What are my options?

No two harassment cases are the same. Various factors will play into whether you have a viable harassment case. The context, content and volume of messages are important things you should discuss with a lawyer.

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