Suffering Retaliation After Reporting A Violation?

They’re called whistleblowers for a reason: Like a referee in a game, these employees make noise when a rule has been broken. They try to alert others to a serious problem. Maybe you are one of them.

While reporting violations is admirable, as it helps everyone comply with the law, employers do not always see it that way, and may retaliate. The attorneys at California Employment Counsel, APC, understand the struggles you may be experiencing if you have been targeted for ill treatment by your employer, simply for speaking up.

Were You Demoted, Terminated, Harassed Or Punished?

In California, it is illegal for an employer to punish or retaliate against an employee for reporting violations. If you were demoted, terminated, harassed or punished for complaining about a violation, you can hold your employer accountable. Common violations reported by employees include:

  • Serious pay violations such as unpaid overtime, employee misclassification and problems with meal breaks
  • Punishment for complaining about sexual harassment or other forms of employee harassment
  • Employment discrimination based on race, disability or another serious problem
  • Health and safety issues

These complaints are not trivial: it is important that employees feel safe reporting them and are not retaliated against. Our lawyers are dedicated to making sure you are protected.

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