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Gender Discrimination Lawyers Costa Mesa

Women make up half the workforce, but they don’t always get equal consideration in the workplace. Some employers cling to outdated notions about gender roles or the abilities of female employees.

If you have suffered adverse consequences from gender discrimination, California Employment Counsel, APC, can help. Our experienced employment law attorneys have successfully resolved and litigated sex discrimination cases in Southern California. If you have a good case, we will pursue your full and fair compensation.

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Sex Discrimination Is Alive And Well in California

Gender Discrimination Lawyers Costa Mesa

Gender discrimination happens in the largest corporations, but it is especially common in small and medium-sized businesses. It takes many forms:

  • Gender discrimination in hiring, especially traditionally male jobs
  • Less pay than male counterparts for the same or similar position
  • Division of labor (making coffee, cleaning, reception)
  • “Glass ceiling” failure to promote
  • Belittling comments or hostility toward women
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Marital status or family status discrimination

You may have grounds for sex discrimination even if your supervisor or employer is female. The bottom line is whether you were treated differently than a man would be.

Men can also experience gender discrimination: in consideration for jobs traditionally held by women, in mandatory overtime or physically demanding assignments, or other gender-based presumptions.

Not Second-Class Citizens

Sex discrimination was outlawed in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You are also protected by the Equal Pay Act, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and other state and federal laws.

Our Orange County gender discrimination lawyers can gauge whether you have a case and shepherd you through the legal process. Contact us online or call (714) 462-8376 or toll free at 866-545-2415 for a free consultation. We handle plaintiff cases on a contingency fee basis.

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