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The United States government has made great strides in providing legal protection to those exploring their religious freedoms. If you were discriminated against by an employer or hiring manager on the basis of religion, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

The lawyers at California Employment Counsel, APC, have extensive experience guiding clients through the legal process. No discrimination case is too complex for us. We are prepared to offer legal advice and representation to workers in Orange County and communities throughout California.

What Protections Are Available?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act forbids employers from engaging in discrimination. Discrimination based on age, gender, religion and numerous other categories is prohibited. Whether you think you were not given opportunities in an interview or your employer discriminated against you at work, an employment law attorney can explain your legal options.

Additionally, the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) specifically forbids employers from discriminating based on religious creed, including religious dress and grooming practices.

At California Employment Counsel, APC, we are prepared to handle cases in which employers do not reasonably accommodate employees’ religious beliefs. Likewise, if a hiring decision, promotion decision or performance review was based on religion, you might be entitled to monetary compensation. We will carefully review your situation and provide the honest assessment you need.

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An experienced employment law attorney can provide legal guidance and representation in your case. Our religious discrimination attorneys stand ready to hold the responsible party accountable for its actions.

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