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Bill introduced in California asks for FML update

Not only are California state legislators taking note of equal pay but some lawmakers are taking a closer look at family medical leave. More specifically, paid family leave. Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez has already introduced a bill to the state senate that asks for more generous paid family medical leave for workers in California.

Increasing Wage Replacement

California is no stranger to setting precedent when it comes to enacting laws that benefit employees. In fact, California became the first state to offer paid family leave back in 2004. Today, some state lawmakers are seeing a need to increase these benefits. Particularly, wage replacement for when a family member goes out on medical leave, pregnancy leave or a sick leave.

Currently under California's state disability insurance program, paid family medical leave is given to workers (keep in mind every case is unique) for six weeks. The wage replacement during this duration is fifty-five percent. Assemblyman Gomez argues that this is not a realistic situation for those families who are living from paycheck to paycheck. Fifty-five percent just doesn't cut it.

The bill proposes increasing wage replacement to sixty percent for the majority of workers and up to seventy percent for low income workers. For many, this is a huge break as some families are forced to forgo this benefit because the wage replacement simply is not enough to make ends meet.

If you are interested in learning more about this potential new law and other employee issues in California, reach out to our law firm. Our employment law firm advocates for the rights of employees and provides seasoned employment law counsel.

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